His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros Congratulatory Remarks at Virtual Graduations

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros Congratulatory Remarks at Virtual Graduations

June 9 & 13, 2020

Cathedral School, Afternoon Schools, Day Schools

New York, New York


Beloved Children in the Lord,

Dear Teachers, Administrators and Friends,

What a year this has been for all of us, and especially for you. I want to say how proud I am, of how each of you has contributed to the completion of this extraordinary school year.

None of us ever expected that such a world would come crashing in on our daily lives and expectations. All of you have had to cope with the pandemic, and all of you have come through with grace and dignity.

I want to congratulate the students, teachers, and administrators for their dedication to the task of teaching and learning, of continuing the amazing tradition that we call “education.”

The word education itself comes from two Latin words: “educare,” which means “to rear or mold,” and “educere,” which means “to lead forth.” And this is what true education accomplishes.

It molds you into a person of capacity and of capability. Capacity for gratitude, appreciation, culture, learning, and ultimately love, and capability to meet the challenges of life – both the simple and the complex.

Therefore, as you graduate today and prepare for next year and the furthering of your studies, I commend each and every one of you to the greatest Teacher of all, our Lord Jesus Christ. He taught in every word He uttered and by every action He performed. And His divine teaching readies us to meet every challenge of this world, and to prepare for the next.

May your lives always be blessed with His mercy, compassion and, above all, His love.

God bless you all!