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Come Receive the Light Radio Program - December 2002

Schedule of Programs for December 2002

12/07/02 Topic: The Prophets and the Birth of Christ
Guest: V. Rev. Paul Nadim Tarazi

Have you ever wondered what the prophecies are all about in relation to the Birth of Christ? Did the prophets truly foretell the future, especially the coming of the Messiah-King? What were the key prophecies that the Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel foretold regarding the Birth of Christ? Be sure to tune in as V. Rev. Paul Tarazi discusses the relationship of the Prophets with that of the Birth of Christ.

12/14/02 Topic: Questions & Answers from our Listeners on Orthodox Christianity (Part II)           
Guest: Listeners of Come Receive the Light

Back by popular demand, Fr. Chris and Emmy will answer questions submitted by our listening audience seeking answers to their questions regarding Orthodox Christianity. Be sure and tune in and find out what issues are on the minds of not only Orthodox Christians but also those interested in finding out more about Orthodox Christianity in contemporary society.

12/21/02 Topic: The Saint Nicholas Secret
Guest: Dennis Englemann, Author

Tune in as Author, Dennis Englemann tells the story of The Saint Nicholas Secret, a story of childhood faith reborn in the heart of a father. The Saint Nicholas Secret has a uniquely told message for a vast audience of children and adults. It offers readers both an inspirational boost and an insight into one of life's dilemmas: How can children be spared the inevitable disappointment of finding that the Santa Claus of flying reindeer is nothing but fantasy? There is a way...the simple yet profound way revealed in The Saint Nicholas Secret. Be sure to listen so you can found out how.

12/28/02 Topic: New Years Resolutions
Guest: Fr. Anthony M. Coniaris

New Year's Resolutions are a ritual that most of us make each year. The New Year is a time for looking back, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want, or often need. Many of us resolve to quit smoking, to go on a diet, to spend less… but, do we seek God to be the driving force in our resolutions? Fr. Anthony will share an Orthodox Christian perspective on New Year's Resolutions, offering the importance that they should be realistic and from within your heart so that we can truly move forward peacefully through the coming year with God as the driving force not only in our resolutions but in our daily lives.

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