Metropolis of Boston Thriving Congregations Initiative Microgrants Now Available

As part of the Metropolis of Boston's Thriving Congregations Initiative grant proposal, parishes are able to apply each year for a 'microgrant' from the larger grant pool. Parishes that have been actively engaged in each phase of the TCI program are eligible to apply for two different sums of funding. Parishes may apply for increased funding with a neighboring parish or parishes.

Microgrant Opportunities:

Youth and Young Adult - $2,500

To apply for the Y2AM grant, parishes must submit a 1-2 page plan of how the funds intend to be used to strengthen their youth and young adult programs. The plan should promote the values, mission, and vision of your parish as it relates specifically to youth and young adults. Strong applications will allow youth and young adults the forum to weigh in on important parish matters or assume leadership roles within the parish. (May not be used to fund youth ministry advisor positions or Y2AM Staff.)



Cultivating Spiritual Practices - $2,500

This year's phase, "Cultivating Spiritual Practices", encourages our parishes to consider the ways parish leaders can provide opportunities for parishioners to more fully engage in the liturgical, sacramental, prayer, and evangelistic life of the Church. This microgrant is intended to support parishes with an initiative aimed at improving one or more of these areas. To apply for this second microgrant, parishes must submit a 1-2 page plan for how the funds intend to be used to do just this.

Application information:

Applications must be submited by August 1st so that funds may distributed in September. Applications also must be accompanied by one letter of support signed by the presiding priest of the parish and the president of the parish council. Once complete, please mail the letter and application to the Metropolis offices to the attention of the Thriving Congregations Initiative and email an electronic copy to [email protected].

Please include the following information in a brief report not exceeding more than 3 pages per microgrant:

  • A brief description of the make up of your TCI team including any youth and/or young adults that are actively engaged in the process

  • How does the parish or parishes intend to apply the funds towards the aim listed under the description of each microgrant?

  • How will the funds will aid the parish in accomplishing the plan listed above

  • Does the parish have any history of related efforts in this area? If so, how will this microgrant help build upon those efforts?

  • What are the perceived challenges of implementing the plan outlined above?

  • What does your TCI team hope the parish community to learn as a result of this effort?

  • What does a 'successful' effort in this area look like for your parish?

  • Is there any specific support you might need from the Metropolis or other parishes to be successful in this effort?

Funds may not be used for salaries, capital improvements, maintenance, or repairs.

Please include a letter signed by your parish priest and parish council president indicating their support for the contents microgrant application.

Application here.

Applications must be sent via mail to the Metropolis of Boston and via email to [email protected] by August 1st, 2024.

Photo courtesy of Metropolis of Boston.

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