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Benediction Offered by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios at the Prayer for America Service, Yankee Stadium, September 23, 2001

Let us bow our heads in prayer:

Almighty God, God of our salvation Who alone works wonders, look down upon us with mercy and compassion, and out of your enduring love hear us and have mercy on us.

O Lord, we have gathered on this day in Your presence to remember those who were taken from us, to comfort those who are grieving, to find strength for the tasks that are before us, and to seek wisdom and peace in this difficult hour in the life of our city and nation.

Again we ask, give rest to the departed souls of the innocent victims and of those who lost their lives in the heroic attempts to save others on September 11th. May their memory be eternal.

Further, as we have offered here today, may we continue in our prayers and service to the families who have experienced such great loss and sorrow. As our Great Physician, bring comfort and peace to them through your divine presence and in our acts of ministry.

We give thanks to you, O Lord, for in your mercy, you have filled our hearts with love and compassion. The sacrifice, generosity, and concern of people throughout the world has been a visible sign of the bonds that lead us to you. Continue to grant to us from your inexhaustible power the strength to meet the challenges and needs of the days to come.

We give thanks to you, O God, for the enduring peace that you have given to us from above. In the assurance of your guiding presence may we seek divine wisdom so that our decisions and our deeds reveal our love for justice and life, for one another, and for you. For you are the help and victory and salvation of all of those who place their hope in you, and to you we offer praise, honor, and glory, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.