Putting the "Giving" Back in "Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving was just a few days ago... (It may be hard to remember after days of leftover turkey.) As it does every year, Thanksgiving comes and goes quickly. We spend a few hours trying to feel grateful, but then start looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so we can buy more stuff. If gratitude is nothing but a feeling that lasts a few hours, are we doing something wrong? Maybe we're approaching thanksgiving the wrong way. Maybe we spend too much time focused on the “thanks,” and not enough on the “giving.”

What if an attachment to our stuff is preventing us from “leading a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called,” as Saint Paul tells us in last Sunday’s Epistle reading? What if our material attachments are preventing us from actually living with thanksgiving? If we want to truly give thanks to the Lord, maybe we actually need to give a little more. Because Thanksgiving may be behind us. But a life of thanksgiving awaits if we’re ready to answer the call.

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