Weekly Newsletter - AHEPA's Heart Beats Strongly in the Heartland

Weekly Newsletter - AHEPA's Heart Beats Strongly in the Heartland


Supreme President George G. Horiates visited America's heartland, meeting with Ahepans from Missouri, Kansas, and South Dakota. He also paid homage to a prominent Ahepan and outstanding philhellene, President Harry S. Truman.

Supreme Governor Chris Kaitson accompanied Supreme President Horiates on visits to Chapter 73, Kansas City, Mo., and Chapter 372, Overland Park, Kansas, June 16 (pictured at right). A Q&A discussion, recognition of the chapters' Life Members, and BBQ, were on the agenda. 

While in Missouri, Supreme President Horiates stopped by nearby Independence to visit the Harry Truman Presidential Library and to tour the Truman home. The library contains several mentions of President Truman's participation at several AHEPA events. 

  • President Truman joined AHEPA at ceremonies held at the White House, on Greek Independence Day, March 25, 1946. He held membership in Chapter 73.

Supreme President Horiates' travels also took him to Sioux Falls, S.D., for the Delta District 16 Convention, June 18 to 20. He addressed the business proceedings and the district's banquet (pictured at top). More than 100 persons participated. Supreme President Horiates also shared a moment with Sioux Falls Brother Robert Kolas (pictured at bottom right), who is a LIfe Member. Brother Kolas will be attending the Supreme Convention in Athens as a delegate.

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