Students who received Certificates of “Ellinomatheia” from the Detroit Metropolis.

TROY, Mich. – The Foundation for Modern Greek Studies of Michigan is very proud of its on-going collaboration with the C.P. Cavafy Chair and the Modern Greek Program at the University of Michigan (one of the best 16 universities in the world according to the London Times). Every year this close collaboration bears fruit in many important areas - teaching of new courses, scholarships for students, open and free cultural events, an outreach program, an ever-expanding web site, and the certification of Greek language proficiency. In 1999, the University of Michigan received accreditation from the Ministry of Education, European Union and the Center for the Greek Language as an examination center for administering the exams for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek.

The exams, established in 1994, are conducted in Greek by the Greek Language Center of the University of Thessaloniki.

They are sanctioned by the Greek Ministry of Education for Certification of Proficiency in Greek. Participants are examined in all four skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Successful candidates receive a Certificate of Attainment in Greek or Ellinomatheia Certificate. Students who obtain certification are recognized worldwide for their language qualifications, enabling them to study in universities in Greece and in Europe or for professional reasons.

The Greek Language and Culture Committee of the Metropolis of Detroit, established in 1999 by Metropolitan Nicholas, developed a curriculum (K-8) that unifies the course of instruction taught in the Metropolis afternoon Greek schools. Students successfully completing the six years of study and are age 12 or older are prepared by their teachers to take the A1–level exam. “We are proud of our Greek Teachers for the quality of education they are delivering and with many of our third generation students that prefer to learn Greek instead of another second language” said George Regains, chair for Greek Language and Culture Committee of the Metropolis.

This year, Certificates of Ellinomatheia were awarded to 22 students who passed the exams for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek Language at the University of Michigan last May.

Presentations were made at St. Nicholas Church Greek Cultural Center in Troy by Metropolitan Nicholas, Professors Vassilios Lambropoulos and Artemis Leontis of the University of Michigan and Metropolis Greek school teachers.

Following the presentation an outreach talk was given by Dr. Leontis on “Greek in America Now,” an illustrated lecture on the presence of Greek words, ideas, myths, styles, and things in American culture today. Dr. Leontis took us on a journey that captivated our enthusiasm and showed us why knowing Greek is an advantage in today’s world.

The 22 successful participants in this years’ examination were:

Matteo Stavros Papadopoulos, Lea Angelica Tsalis, Marina Gkovatsosm, Donald Mc Leod Isenhath, Evangelos Kostoulakis, Georgios Aristidis Thanasas, Maria Thanasas, Katerina Maria Bastounis, Mary Vasilia Costa, Alexander Georgios Demetriou, Alyssa Elaine Erickson, Simone Glavas, Elpida Alexandria Katakis, Gregory Kostakis, Christos Clement Levy, Theodora Zoe Liasi, John Nicholaos Petousis, Demitra Polyxeni Loucopoulos, Ria Garifalia Nickollau, Christina Theodoropoulos, Fotini Demetriou and Michael Demetriou.