2020 Stewardship Campaign

Every Spring the theme for the coming Ecclesiastical Year is announced and a QuickStart Guide is distributed digitally and in hard copy. This is to give the parish Stewardship Team time to prepare for the parish Stewardship Ministry program in the fall. The theme is intended to broaden the general understanding of Orthodox Christian Stewardship: Stewardship of Creation, the Family, our Work, our Faith, and this year we focus on the Stewardship of Time.

The professionally designed tri-fold brochures from each year are available through OrthodoxMarketplace.com. We encourage parishes to make use of previous themes to educate members on the broader meaning of Orthodox Christian Stewardship as it applies to all aspects of our lives.

Parish Stewardship Team members may add their email to our e-list for Stewardship Ministry updates at www.Stewardship.goarch.org. We also invite you to visit, “like” and “follow” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/stewardshipministry/

Resources for this year are listed below. Most are available for immediate download. Hard copy of the Quickstart Guide, tri-fold brochure, banner order form and poster on the theme are mailed to every parish of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in the fall.

Quickstart Guide

The 2020 QuickStart Guide will assist your parish Stewardship team in getting started and planning a full year of Stewardship Ministry. Download »

Stewardship Ministry Handbook

This booklet contains guidelines for preparation of a parish Stewardship Program. Visit OrthodoxMarketplace.com for additional copies of the Handbook.  Download PDF » | Download Word DOC »

Stewardship Brochure 2020

This tri-fold brochure, provides a reflection on the theme "A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven: Stewardship of Time," and its implications for stewardship today. This brochure serves as an insert in your stewardship communications or as a resource to be offered during stewardship visitations. The brochure may be ordered in volume from orthodoxmarketplace.com. Download PDF » | Download Word DOC »

Sample Commitment Card

The sample commitment card provides your stewards with a format for considering blessings in their lives and the many ways in which they may offer these blessings back to God. Download PDF » | Download Word DOC »

Stewardship 2020 Poster

This 11x17 color poster shares the message of stewardship with your parishioners and visitors. Download JPG »

Stewardship Powerpoint Presentations

The resources include a PowerPoint Presentation to assist you in presenting the concepts of Stewardship within the theme of the year. Additional timely PowerPoint Presentations are available in the previous years' resource materials. These presentations are provided in a customizable format, so that you may add photos and entire slides to personalize the presentation for your purposes. Download PPTX » | Download PDF »

Bulletin Inserts

These bulletin inserts will assist you in promoting a positive stewardship message and educating the faithful. Inserts are formatted for 8.5x14 paper to be cut in half. Download DOC » | Download PDF »

Ministry Profiles

We hope you will be inspired by the following stories from these parishes on their experience with stewardship

Sample Letters

Sample letters to send to your stewards are available to assist you in your communications efforst. The Stewardship team should plan to send quarterly follow-up letters through September, followed by a special letter in early December and, if needed, an end-of-year letter. Download Word DOC »


This section includes sermon on the theme for this year.

Banners: Vinyl Outdoor and Bannerflux Fabric Indoor Stewardship Banners

These beautiful high resolution banners promote the message of stewardship in your parish. Various sizes and materials are available on the order form. Download order form (PDF) » | Download Hi-Res JPG » or Hi-Res PDF » for Printing on your own.

Graphics Files

Graphic files and the Original Icon image are provided for those that chose to customize their parish materials. Download »

Family Information Form

The Family Information Form provides a tool for gathering information on new and existing parishioners with the goal of engaging them in the life of the church according to their interests, skill, training and education. As the new parish management software is implemented, this information will be utilized by the parish priest and his designees for supporting parish ministries and implementing new initiatives. Download PDF » | Download Word DOC »

Further Assistance is available

Though we have made every effort to anticipate the needs of the parish Stewardship Team, the Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism is available to assist you. Contact the department by email ([email protected]), or by telephone (646-519-6760). We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Thank you for your dedication to Stewardship Ministries.

A collection of Stewardship campaign resources from the previous years.