We are pleased to provide you and your parish Stewardship Team with these 2014 resources for parish ministry. This is the first step in a year-round effort to provide practical and inspiring stewardship resources for the parish. These are mailed to the parishes in hard copy in late summer. 

Our icon for 2014 is The Gifts of the Magi and our theme is a quote from St. John Chrysostom “A Rich Man is not one who has much but one who gives much. For what he gives away remains his forever.” 

The Gifts of the Magi icon presents the Wise Men offering gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ Child. These wealthy scholars and priests of the East endured numerous dangers, and traveled a great distance to offer their treasures to Christ, the newborn king. What a beautiful and meaningful example they set for all future generations, helping us to understand the blessing of giving. As we reflect on this beautiful stewardship icon, let us take to heart the words of St. John Chrysostom: “The rich man is not the one who has much, but the one who gives much. For what one gives away, he keeps for all eternity.”

Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide provides your parish stewardship team with an outline and checklist to plan their efforts for the year ahead. (Adobe PDF)

Stewardship Ministry Practical Steps Booklet

This booklet contains guidelines for preparation of a parish Stewardship Program, updated letters, a sample commitment card and new member card, various campaign formats and ideas for parish stewardship ministry. (Adobe PDF or Word DOC)

The Gifts of the Magi Brochure

This tri-fold brochure, provides a reflection on the gifts of the magi and their implications for stewardship today. This brochure serves as an insert in your stewardship communications or as a resource to be offered during stewardship visitations. (Adobe PDF or Word DOC

Graphic Files

  • 20 14 Stewardship Poster (color) - Click to download the image. (JPG)
  • 2014 Stewardship Poster (b&w) - Click to download the image. (JPG)
  • 2014 Stewardship Poster (cropped) - Click to download the image. (JPG)
  • Gifts of the Magi Vignette - Click to download the image. (JPG)
  • Gifts of the Magi Vignette (detail) - Click to download the image. (JPG
  • Gifts of the Magi Original Icon - Click to download the image. (JPG

Brochures From Previous Years

These brochures continue to be timely and educational on themes of stewardship.  These may supplement your efforts in reaching out to members of your parish. 

Commitment Card

The tri-fold commitment card provides the stewards with a format for considering blessings in their lives and the many ways in which they may offer these blessings back to God. (Adobe PDF or Word Doc)

Stewardship of the GIfts of the Magi Poster

This 11 x 17 color poster shares the message of stewardship with your parishioners and visitors.  (Adobe PDF)

Gifts of the Magi PowerPoint Presentations

The resources include a PowerPoint Presentation to assist you in presenting the concepts of Stewardship within the theme of The Gifts of the Magi. Additional timely PowerPoint Presentations are available in the previous years' resource materials.  These presentations are provided in a customizable format, so that you may add photos and entire slides to personalize the presentation for your purposes.  (PPT format)

Bulletin Inserts 

These bulletin inserts will assist you in promoting a positive stewardship message and educating the faithful.  (Adobe PDF or Word Doc)


  • The Gift of the Magi and the Spirit of Stewardship by Fr. Luke Veronis. (Word DOC)

Greek Language Brochures

These brochures are Greek translations of two of our most popular brochures. 

  • A New Perspective - This brochure introduces the idea of stewardship in contrast to dues and minimums. (Adobe PDF)
  • Come and See - This brochure invites individuals to see what the Church can become with their good stewardship. (Adobe PDF)

Gifts of the Magi Vinyl Outdoor Banners

Attractive banners for promoting the message of stewardship are available through the Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism.  Click to see an example of the banner and for an order form. (Adobe PDF)

Council of Ministries

This resource provides of a positive approach to stewardship of the entire person through involvement in parish ministries as carried out in the St. Nektarios Church of Charlotte, North Carolina. (Adobe PDF)

Family Information Form

The Family Information Form provides a tool for gathering information on new and existing parishioners with the goal of engaging them in the life of the church according to their interests, skill, training and education. As the new parish management software is implemented, this information will be utilized by the parish priest and his designees for supporting parish ministries and implementing new initiatives.  (Word DOC)


All of the 2014 Stewardship Campaign resources listed above are available in hard copy through the Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism. Please send your requests by email to [email protected] or call 646-519-6760.

Thank you for your dedication to Stewardship Ministries.

A collection of Stewardship campaign resources from the previous years.