"Embracing Our Roots: A Heartfelt Tribute to the History and Heritage of Our Greek School"

"Embracing Our Roots: A Heartfelt Tribute to the

History and Heritage of Our Greek School"


Step into the captivating journey of our Greek school's past as we present a heartfelt video tribute. Join us as we delve into the narratives of the families that form the foundation of our community. Through the tender words of our beloved grandparents, we'll explore their nostalgic recollections of our homeland and the remarkable tales of their arrival in Chicago.

Discover the profound impact of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox parish in Des Plaines, Il, a guiding light that welcomed and nurtured these courageous souls as they adapted to a new life in a foreign land. Hear their stories of resilience, hope, and the unwavering support that bolstered them along the way.

In this touching tribute, our esteemed grandparents extend warm wishes and impart valuable advice to our students. Their words, filled with wisdom and affection, serve as a bridge between generations, connecting the vibrant tapestry of our Greek heritage to the aspirations of our young learners.

Join us as we celebrate the intertwined threads of our past, present, and future. Together, we honor our shared history, honor the bonds that have shaped us, and honor the enduring legacy of our Greek Orthodox community.

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The project was inspired by the recently released book from the Department of Greek Education “Oi Rizes Mou.”  For any further information you may contact the Director,  Dr. Anastasios Koularmanis at [email protected]

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