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It is with hearts filled with gratitude and thanksgiving that we publish this particular edition of our parish bulletin. Within its pages, along with the customary parish news and notices of ongoing activities and future events, we include a special insert which honors the love and unfailing support of so many of you for our parish. This insert contains the names and generous gifts of our donors who have made the ongoing restoration of the church possible.

More than eight months ago, when I first wrote to all of you to ask for your support in this endeavor, I could never have imagined the generosity of spirit with which you would respond. Over these many months, countless gifts, both large and small, have come to our church office. Regardless of their size, these gifts have all been precious to us since they are an expression of devotion to our parish, and are offerings joyously given to the best of each person’s ability.

I would also like to pay tribute to those who together with their donations, sent letters and notes which deeply moved and inspired us. Many wrote to express thanksgiving for the opportunity to participate in this undertaking. Others wrote beautifully of how much they wanted to have been able to give more generously if only circumstances had permitted. Numerous parishioners made gifts over a period of months so that they could offer the largest possible donation even though they lived on a fixed income. One young couple celebrated their marriage by writing their first check together to the restoration fund! Still other letters and donations arrived from Florida and other parts of the country from former parishioners who continue to love St. Vasilios, learned of our effort, and wished to participate.

We are ever mindful that God looks not so much at the amount of the gift, but rather at the heart of the giver; in that spirit we offer thanks to each of you for strengthening and enriching our efforts to make our parish a continuing blessing in the lives of all of us. May God bless each of you richly and may you rejoice in the sure knowledge that you, too, shall share in the words of our dear Savior, “Well done O good and faithful servants!” (Matt. 25:21).

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