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Some months ago, I brought home a new flowering plant for our house, called the Hibiscus. This plant, grown outdoors in tropical climates, is found everywhere filling the landscape with glorious color. The hibiscus comes in many colors--oranges, reds, yellows and pinks, and different kinds have blooms of great shape and variety. But every blossom of the hibiscus,whether grown as a hedge in Jamaica, or in a pot in Peabody, has the same characteristics; its magnificent bloom opens in the morning, lasts for one single day, then closes and dies. The next morning a new blossom opens and repeats the pattern.

It occured to me one day that the hibiscus blossom had a great lesson for living to teach us if only we would take the time to learn it. Like that blossom we only can live our lives one day at a time. No one of us can know for certain that we have a tomorrow. Like the glorious hibiscus flower which opens each morning as if it were going to last forever, we would live each day to the fullest. We would savor each moment and leave no truly meaningful task undone. We would quickly learn to embrace the important and discard the trivial. We would ignore the temporary and seek the permanent and eternal. We would always try to love people and use things rather than do the opposite.

To help us acquire this wonderful view of life, the Lord gave us the wonderful example of the hibiscus--it fills its worldwith grace and color and beauty--one day at a time.

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