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The Thanksgiving holiday, unique to the history of our nation, is the celebration of plenty. Small wonder! We have received more of the comforts of life, and more of the good earth's riches, than any people in human history. We would do well to remember, however, that these blessings are not ours by right; rather, we enjoy them because God, in His infinite wisdom and for His own good purpose, has chosen to bestow these gifts upon us.

It is not this way for the rest of humankind. With each and every passing day of every year, 12,000 people die of starvation or the effects of chronic and sustained malnutrition. This year the daily toll has been much higher.

We ought to remember, therefore, that Christ's command to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked is neither a symbolism nor a figure of speech. Rather, it remains an obligation that speaks to the tragic needs of the 20th century. We are, as Christians, not asked, but commanded, to share some portion of all we have with those who have nothing.

We must remain mindful of the fact that to be thankful is not merely a state of mind and a feeling of heart. Indeed, it is meaningful only when it is a call to action! Almighty God has not asked us merely to be thankful, He has asked us to act thankful.

Let this Thanksgiving Day, therefore, be for all of us a time for reflection, and a day of sharing. Let us all remember the generosity of our Creator, and let us not forget, even for a moment, that it was not without purpose that when the Lord decided who would need help, He permitted us to be among the givers.

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