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Someone once said that "God must really love ordinary people--He made so many of them!" In this day of media stars, sports heroes, authorities, experts and personalities, it is reassuring to know that there is one place where the ordinary person will always be loved and needed--in the church.

Although the church welcomes everyone, the truth is that the rich and wordly are not generally receptive to the Gospel. Christ found that it was the "common people" who "heard him gladly." St. Paul also observed that not many of those who were worldly, mighty, or of noble birth accepted the Christian calling. (l Cor. 1:26).

A general once wisely observed that an army could more easily do without its generals than it could without its foot soldiers. Wars are not won by generals, but by privates. In exactly the same way, the common ordinary Christians are the very backbone of our parish. Our own congregation has its share of benefactors, and people of great prominance and accom- plishment in the community. We are proud of each of them and thank God for them. At the same time, however, we need to admit that if the work of the Lord is to be done, and if the Gospel is to be perpetuated, it will be the "ordinary" Christians who will accomplish the task.

In thinking back over the decades that I have served this parish, I can think of many examples of ordinary Christians who served God in extra ordinary ways. They sing in our choirs, teach in our Church School, wash pots and pans during our festivals. The work that they offer so willingly is rarely publicly acknowledged. But their work is precious and pricelss, and their reward in God's kingdom will be great indeed.

Perhaps you have held back because you thought you were "ordinary" and had nothing to offer. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In Matthew 25:14-30, we learn that there is no shame in having limited talents. Rather, the sin is in not using the talent that God has given. The contribution that you consider small is badly needed.

I say thank God for ordinary Christians!

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