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An Orthodox Christian View of Non-Christian Religions

The article, by Rev. Papademetiou is about Orthodox Christian perspective of non-Christian religions.

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The "Last Things" in the Revelation of St. John

A look at the end times according to the Book of Revelation.

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The "Last Things" in Holy Scripture

Bishop Gerasimos of Abydos discusses the Second Coming, or glorious Parousia of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He offers a look at the end times in light of the Holy Scriptures.

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An Orthodox Reflection on Truth & Tolerance

A reflection on the issue of truth and tolerance within the Orthodox Church.

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The Writings of the Apostolic Fathers

Writings of the Church Fathers on Various theological issues. All the links in this article are courtesy of

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Recent Patriarchal Encyclicals on Religious Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

In recent times more and more is said about of globalization, tolerance, peaceful coexistence and dialogue among the world religions. The Orthodox Church, through the Patriarchal Encyclicals, has voiced its concern and advocacy for the amelioration of the human condition and the role of religion in enabling people to reconcile and live in peace. This can be most effectively achieved through dialogue that engages religious people of good will and faithful to God�s message of peace and love among all people.

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The Seventh Ecumenical Council

Held in Nicea, Asia Minor in 787. Under Empress Irene. 367 Bishops were present.

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The Quinisext Ecumenical Council

Held in Constantinople in 692. In the dome of the Imperial Palace, the 'In Trullo' (dome) Council, from which it derives the name: 'Trullan' Council.

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