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The Skete of Saint Anna

The Skete of Saint Anna, where the late Bishop Gerasimos was tonsured a monk and dwelt for four years, is a dependency of the Monastery of the Greatest Lavra on the Holy Mountain of Athos. It is the oldest and largest skete on the Holy Mountain, having been organized into a community around the middle of the seventeenth century and comprising fifty-eight houses.

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The Community of the Desert and the Loneliness of the Cities

We are living in an age where this is already happening. Contemporary man, in his loneliness, experiences pathological anxiety, anguish and suffering. He is tormented and, in turn, torments others. Why? This essay will attempt an answer by bringing the fragrance of community found in the desert to the loneliness and the desolation found in cities.

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Prayer as an Important Aspect of Our Spiritual Life

The life of prayer, which we shall discuss, is one part of a much broader topic spiritual life in general the life in Christ, spiritual ascension, the way to sanctification and deification. Combined with personal inner purification and a regular sacramental life, a life of prayer will help significantly in the regeneration of the faithful during this difficult period in which we live.

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Saint Augustine in the Greek Orthodox Tradition

For the last several decades, not just his theology but Augustine himself has been regarded as heretical by some theologians in the Orthodox Church. An attack on his person has been made by several theologians, excluding him from the list of saints. Meanwhile, others have called upon Orthodox theology to reevaluate and reinstitute Augustine to his rightful place as a great theologian´┐Ż-philosopher of the universal Church.

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Message on the Day of Prayer for Creation - 1994

On a number of occasions in the ecclesiastical year the Church prays that God will protect humanity from natural catastrophes: earthquakes, storms, famine and floods. But today we see the reverse. On 1st September the day devoted to God's handiwork, the Church implores the Creator to protect nature from calamities of human origin, calamities such as pollution, war, exploitation, waste and secularism.

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The Origins and Authority of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church

The purpose of this brief article is to review several authoritative sources of the Byzantine centuries (330-1453) that bear on the origins, development, jurisdictional responsibilities, and authority of today's Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church.

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Hellenic Paideia and Church Fathers - Educational Principles and Cultural Heritage

Although the tension between Greek thought and Christian faith has never been absent from the history and experience of Hellenism, a synthesis and a balance was achieved in the fourth century thanks to the intellect of persons like Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory the theologian, Cynesios of Cyrene, Socrates Scholastikos and others who were trained in the Greek classics and the Holy Scriptures. A student of early Christianity soon discovers how often ideas from the wisdom of the ancient Greek compliment rationally some of those in the Gospels and the literature of the New Testament.

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Come, Holy Spirit, Sanctify Our Lives!

The cry for transformation and sanctification corresponds to the deepest longings and desires of the human being. The world as it is, our existence, as it actually is, needs transformation. We cannot be content with things as they are. We must change ourselves and the way things are; but how?

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The Ancient Fathers of the Desert: Section 7

Section 7 of sayings from the book, 'The Ancient Fathers of the Desert.'

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