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THE MEANING OF THE GREAT FAST: The True Nature of Fasting

This is an excellent introduction on the meaning and purpose of fasting, with a historical context. The services and hymns within THE LENTEN TRIODION are translated from the original Greek. THE LENTEN TRIODION is the companion volume to THE FESTAL MENAION. THE LENTEN TRIODION contains the full variable texts for the ten Sundays before Pascha, the full texts for the First week of Lent and Holy Week, together with certain other texts, during the season of the Fast. hardback. 699 pages.

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The Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God

The Ever-Virgin Mary - What does this mean and what does the church believe

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Holy Saturday: 'With Fear and Trembling'

Because of its God-given survival and God-inspired expansion throughout what is called 'the diaspora,' Orthodoxy continues to preserve, proclaim, and celebrate the truth about God and about ourselves. More than any other expression of Christian faith, it enables us to know God, to celebrate His saving work, and to participate in His very life. To borrow the expression of St Innocent Veniaminov, Orthodoxy does nothing less than indicate to us and guide us along the Way that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

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A Dictionary of Orthodox Terminology - Part 2

A 'dictionary' listing and providing a brief definition of many terms one may come across in reading about Orthodoxy.

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The Living Breath of God and the Three Steps in Fashioning Humanity

Rev. Eugen J. Pentiuc reviews the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis, specifically the making of humanity as an act in three steps or phases. He goes into an in-depth explanation of the words chosen and their etymology in order to explore God's creation of man and woman.

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The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

A short history on the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

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The Liturgical Cycle of the Great Lenten Period

Discusses the elements of the Liturgical practices of Great Lent and how these unique practices distinguish it from the rest of the Liturgical year.

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The Major Feasts of the Church

The Major Feasts of the Church from the Listen, Learn, and Share section of the Archdiocese website. NOTE: Lent and Pascha link does not work yet

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Violence and the Christian Theology

Like mushrooms in a field, death and suffering have emerged in different parts of the world, reflecting the effects of ethnic, racial, religious and economic conflicts of inequitable distribution of power and resources. The growing awareness of the ambivalence of religion in situations of conflict has led the churches on a quest to retrieve those elements of their belief system and traditions that contribute toward the advancement of peace with justice. In that context, they repudiate the use of religious symbols and language to legitimize violence.

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