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A Gospel in the Gospel of Judas?

Rev. Fr. Theodore Stylianopoulos offers an Orthodox response to the 'Gospel of Judas.' He explains the absurdity surrounding the suggestion of a secret knowledge (gnosis) and the complexities of Gnosticism. He makes it clear that there can be no compromise between parts of the traditional Gospels and parts from the Gospel of Judas with great detail and exploration.

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The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople: A Ministry of Universal Reconciliation

The ministry of the Ecumenical Patriarchate may be aptly termed a ministry of reconciliation with three areas of focus: a) the ecumenical dialogue among Christians, b) the inter-religious dialogue among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and c) the universal call to all human beings for reconciliation with our natural environment. I am concentrating particularly on the reconciliatory ministry of the Ecumenical Patriarchate because I have plenty of relevant data available. In several cases, I presuppose, of course, the concomitant involvement to dialogue of the late Popes Paul VI and John Paul II.

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Additional Resources on Monasticism

Links to other websites that contain information about Monasticism and various Monasteries

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The People of God: An Orthodox Perspective

The concept 'people of God' is based primarily on biblical presuppositions and a patristic understanding of ecclesiology. The people of God is the pleroma of the church; quahal, the congregation of God's people. The laos(people) is distinct from the ethne, or gentiles, who were engrafted into the body of Christ.

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An Introduction to Orthodox Spirituality

The sources of Orthodox spirituality are the HolyScriptures, sacred Tradition, the dogmatic definitions of the Ecumenical Synods, and the spiritual teachings of the Greek Orthodox Fathers. Orthodox Spirituality is mainly expressed through prayer, daily Christian living, andworship, which ultimately lead to union with the divine uncreated Light.

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The Funeral Service of the Orthodox Church

A concise description of the funeral service of the Orthodox Church, its theological and spiritual significance, and its practice, with a description of its parts.

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THE MEANING OF THE GREAT FAST: The True Nature of Fasting

This is an excellent introduction on the meaning and purpose of fasting, with a historical context. The services and hymns within THE LENTEN TRIODION are translated from the original Greek. THE LENTEN TRIODION is the companion volume to THE FESTAL MENAION. THE LENTEN TRIODION contains the full variable texts for the ten Sundays before Pascha, the full texts for the First week of Lent and Holy Week, together with certain other texts, during the season of the Fast. hardback. 699 pages.

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The Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God

The Ever-Virgin Mary - What does this mean and what does the church believe

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Holy Saturday: 'With Fear and Trembling'

Because of its God-given survival and God-inspired expansion throughout what is called 'the diaspora,' Orthodoxy continues to preserve, proclaim, and celebrate the truth about God and about ourselves. More than any other expression of Christian faith, it enables us to know God, to celebrate His saving work, and to participate in His very life. To borrow the expression of St Innocent Veniaminov, Orthodoxy does nothing less than indicate to us and guide us along the Way that leads to the kingdom of heaven.

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