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The Aramaic Phrase Bar ’ěnoš “Son of Man” (Dan 7:13-14) Revisited

The Aramaic phrase Bar ’ěnoš “son of man” is a Semitic expression denoting a single member of humanity, a certain human being, hence “someone.” This Aramaic phrase used by Daniel 7:13-14 to describe a quasi divine figure riding with the clouds of the sky has become an important element of the eschatological-apocalyptic decorum in both Jewish and Christian texts;

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Judas’ Profile in the Psalms: Meditation on the Holy Wednesday

The most evocative component of the episodes of Christ’s suffering is perhaps the ambivalence of the incident of betrayal. At once we witness the valleys and the peaks of the human condition and we are drawn into a polemic that challenges us to glimpse the light amidst a deep darkness. Within the ambivalence, then, there exists this antagonism, which only exacerbates the humanness of the story, and ought to give us greater pause.

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Letter to a Christian Nation?

This article answers questions concerning America as a Christian nation , Christianity's relationship with society, and the proper way to transform people's hearts.

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Pastoral Guidelines: Church Positions Regarding the Sanctity of Human Life

A major and overarching concern of the Church arises with its commitment to the God-given sanctity of human life. Some of the developments of the biological manipulation of human life, though promising amazing therapeutic achievements, may also be understood and undermining respect for the integrity of human existence. Others may be seen as providing a new means of healing human illness. Discering the difference is the challenge the Church faces in developing its teaching on these newly appearing issues.

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Astrology is Astrolatry

Fr. Alexander Karloutsos provides a brief overview on the Orthodox Church's position and teachings on Astrology. He explores biblical references, as well as the commentary of various theologians, to show that an overemphasis on Astrology is truly sinful.

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The Office of Oblation (Proskomide)

Since the early Church, the Office of Oblation (Proskomide) has been a service of offering gifts to God in preparation for the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion in the Divine Liturgy. The Office of Oblation is thus a prerequisite for the Divine Liturgy.

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Jesus Laughing: The "Gospel" of Judas?

Fr. Steven Tsichlis addresses the history, teaching, and present popularity of National Geographic's article on the so-called 'Gospel of Judas' and offers an Orthodox response to it.

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