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Introduction: What Is The Greek Orthodox Church?

Volumes have been written on the inexhaustible treasures of our Greek Orthodox heritage. It is not the purpose of this guidebook to instruct its readers in Orthodox theology of Church history. However, it is important to understand that everything we do is based upon the premise that the Orthodox Faith is founded upon the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, now and always.

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An Outline of the Orthodox Faith

Orthodoxy holds that the eternal truths of God's saving revelation in Jesus Christ are preserved in the living Tradition of the Church under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Holy Scripture is at the heart of the Tradition and the touchstone of the faith. While Holy Scripture is the written testimony of God's revelation, Holy Tradition is the all-encompassing experience of the Church under the abiding guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

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Easter and Ecology

Ecology in light of Christ's Resurrection.

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Orthodox Art and Architecture

John Yiannias discusses the history of the evolution of the architecture of Orthodox churches, and the art in them to show how they are integral aspects of the whole liturgical 'event'. He reviews Orthodox Architecture, Paintings and Mosaics, the present revival of Byzantine Art, as well as Orthodox Art in America.

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The Orthodox Church and the Environmental Movement

A look at the relationship between the Orthodox Church and the Environmental movement. The Church's perspective on the movement to aid the environment.

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'Thine of Thine Own': Orthodoxy and Ecology

The relationship between the Orthodox Church and Ecology.

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Conflict and Diversity in the Earliest Christian Community

A look at the diversity of the Christian Church in the first century.

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