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Archdiocese Ecumenical Office Fully Engaged in Consultations and Dialogues

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Oct 9, 1998

The Office of Inter-Orthodox and Ecumenical Relations

News and Information

New York, NY - His Grace Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos, Director of Inter-Orthodox and Ecumenical Relations for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, has announced several recent and upcoming ecumenical meetings.

On Saturday, Sept. 26th, Bishop Dimitrios represented His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon at a meeting of religious leaders with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. Hosted by Dr. Joan Campbell, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, the meeting included some 25 Orthodox, Protestant, and Muslim members of the NCC. Mr. Arafat expressed his appreciation to the Christian community for their past support and solicited their continuing support.

Bishop Dimitiros led a 5-member Greek Orthodox delegation at an Inter-Orthodox Consultation sponsored by the National Council of Churches (NCC)), to help strengthen Orthodox participation in the NCC and in Ecumenical activities. It was the first time in the history of the NCC that such a meeting had been held with the Orthodox membership of the NCC.


October 13: The Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas

(SCOBA) will convene at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, NYC.

October 29-31: Orthodox-Roman Catholic Dialogue at St. Paul's College, Washington, DC.

November 2-4: Orthodox-Lutheran Dialogue in Phoenix, AZ.

November 11-13: General Assembly of the NCC in Chicago with 6 Greek Orthodox delegates.

The Assembly will open with a Greek Orthodox worship service.


Most Rev. Metropolitan Maximos of Ainou, co-chair (GO)

Most Rev. Metropolitan Christopher, Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA & Canada

Rev. John Breck (OCA)

Rev. Dr. George D. Dragas (GO)

Rev. James Jorgenson (OCA)

V. Rev. John Morris (AO)

Dr. Bradley Nassif (AO)

Rev. Dr. Robert G. Stephanopoulos (GO)

Rev. Dr. Gregory C. Wingenbach (GO)

Staff : His Grace Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos (GO)

Observers : V. Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky (OCA); Rev. Rastko Trbuhovich (SO)


Most Rev. Metropolitan Maximos of Ainou, Chairman

His Grace Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos, SCOBA Staff

Rev. Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald (GO), Executive Secretary


His Eminence Archbishop Peter (OCA)

Rev. Nicholas Apostola ((RO)

Professor Susan Ashbrook Harvey (AO)

Rev. Dr. Alkiviadis Calivas (GO)

Rev. James Dutko (CR)

Professor John H. Erickson (OCA)

Rev. Alexander Golitzin (OCA)

Rev. Emmanuel Gratsias (GO)

Dr. Robert Haddad (AO)

Rev. Dr. Stylianos Harakas (GO)

Professor Lewis Patsavos (GO)

Very Rev. Paul Schneirla (AO)

Rev. Dr. Robert G. Stephanopoulos (GO)

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