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HC/HC Takes Key Steps to Boost Publishing Efforts in America

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Jun 28, 1999

New York, NY- The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Hellenic College/Holy Cross by a motion of Dimitris Moschos approved a vote on a key sub-licensing agreement that will maximize the outreach of Holy Cross Press. The creation of this extraordinary partnership between HC/HC and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America will also enhance the distribution and the dissemination of Orthodox materials published in America.

Hellenic College/Holy Cross exercises full and absolute academic and editorial freedom of their titles. The terms of this agreement grant the Archdiocese an opportunity to promote the publications of HC/HC.

The Rev. Presbyter Philemon Sevastiades, Executive Director of the Office of Print and Digital Media, pointed out that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese will incur all costs related to publishing including production, promotions, packaging, and the payment of royalties. HC/HC will continue to receive all the profits generated from the sale of their titles.

According to Fr. Sevastiades, "this agreement allows the Church to have a direct link to the people of America and makes mission and witness accessible to the entire nation while increasing our visibility in the general culture. It also helps us to understand and re-focus upon the central pillars of our faith and reclaim for ourselves and others the deep truths and refreshment of spirit that nourish the heart of our faith."

"We look forward to helping Holy Cross Press become a permanent fixture on the shelves of bookstores and libraries across the country," says Fr. Sevastiades.

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