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National Forum of Church Musicians Announces Commemorative CD in Memory of +Archbishop Iakovos

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Apr 7, 2006

National Chairman Dr. Vicki Pappas announced the release of a compact disk in memory of the late Archbishop Iakovos by the National Forum of Church Musicians. "It is with heartfelt gratitude for the abiding love and constant support of his church musicians throughout his 37-year tenure as Archbishop of North and South America that the National Forum is re-issuing the magnificent recording of the 1978 Clergy-Laity Congress Divine Liturgy as a memorial tribute to His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos."

In 1978, the then-Greek Orthodox Diocese of Detroit under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Iakovos of Apameia (now Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago) was accorded the honor of hosting the Clergy-Laity Congress for what proved to be an unprecedented historical event. It was the first time Detroit served as host to the Congress, which nearly 30 years later is now host to the 2006 Clergy-Laity Congress. The Congress also was highlighted by His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos' official recognition of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians as the "musical arm of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America." And third, the Congress was the first to institute the participation of large, combined choirs for the Opening Divine Liturgy, which has been continued for every Clergy-Laity Congress thereafter.

The 1978 Clergy-Laity choir consisted of 130 singers from the Mid-Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians and an additional thirty singers from other diocesan church music federations across the country, all members of the National Forum. The choir sang representative hymns composed by Dr. Theodore Bogdanos, Dr. Frank Desby, Presvytera Anna Gallos, Demetrios Pappas, and Dr. Tikey Zes. George S. Raptis of Detroit served as choral director, and Viola Peponis, also of Detroit, was organist.

His Eminence Iakovos was so elated by the outstanding singing that, at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, he said to the congregation, "Never before have we heard such a fine choir at a Clergy-Laity Liturgy, and if you wish, I invite you to applaud them." They did so, most enthusiastically, and the choir responded to His Eminence's gracious remarks by singing his favorite Greek folk song, "To Eklissaki." These closing moments are also captured on the CD.

The Commemorative 2-CD Album includes the entire Divine Liturgy of that summer of 1978, with extensive historical information about the event, the church musicians who participated, and the composers. George S. Raptis and Dan Dallas, both of Detroit, served as the production team for the re-mastering.

The Album may be ordered from the National Forum at a cost of $20.00 plus $4.25 shipping and handling. For multiple CD's, shipping and handling is 20% of the total order. Bulk discounts are available for parish bookstores and other organizations. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will go toward support of the National Forum's church music programs for choir directors, chanters, organists, singers, clergy and parishes, and Church School/Greek School music educators. To order and/or for further information, contact Vicki Pappas at 3814 Regents Circle, Bloomington IN 47401 or via email:

For further information contact:

Vicki Pappas

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