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Trafficking in Human Beings: A Concern for Orthodox Christians

Many countries are involved in the sale of women and children who have been sexually exploited for prostitution and pornographic purposes. This is incompatible with the dignity and worth of human persons and endangers the welfare of the individual, the family, and the community. The United Nations is working with governments to develop and implement anti-trafficking initiatives. Religious communities should also help in this effort. The United States has warned its citizens that it is not only the women and children smuggled into the United States, but also American-born women and children who are being kidnapped and enslaved by criminal elements. It is becoming a problem of crisis proportion.

Presenter Panel: Ms. Carol Smolenski, Executive Director - ECPAT - USA Rev. Fr. James Kordaris, Director - Archdiocese Dept. of Outreach and Evangelism The Honorable Sechan Siv, United States Mission to the United Nations Moderator, Mrs. Lila Prounis, Rep. of the A

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