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Developing a Parish Strategic Plan

Change our Sunday School program? Why would we ever want to do that? This is one of the most common--and frustrating--questions catechetical leaders encounter. Clergy, Sunday School directors, teachers, and missionaries are typically zealous for excellence in education, and this calls for change at one point or another. The change might involve the need for a new curriculum, a different teacher, or a new meeting place. Whatever the reason, change holds the promise of progress and better meeting people's needs. Parishioners, however, may be threatened by change and its perceived disruptions. Many people thrive on the familiar and the routine. They love traditions and "the way we've always done things." This workshop will examine the process of developing a successful change strategy based on a three-part philosophy and a five-step strategy. When all eight of these ingredients fall into place, the result is a potent formula for ministry success.