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Outreach and Evangelism in the Established Parish

The focus of this workshop is on Outreach & Evangelism in the Established Parish. This workshop will present methods and tools for ministry in the established parish with the objectives of: 1. Revitalizing the faith of active Orthodox; 2. Reaching out to inactive Orthodox Christians; and 3. Meeting the needs of those inquiring about the Orthodox faith. It is time for a new beginning and a renewed effort to inspire creativity and revival in Orthodox Christianity in America. The session, divided evenly between presentations and discussion, will cultivate an awareness of the tremendous importance of Outreach & Evangelism in the Established Parish, and of the need to make the Parish a powerful witness and passionate promoter of Orthodox Faith and Tradition.

Presenter Panel: Rev. Fr. Alexander Veronis, Annunciation Church - Lancaster, PA Rev. Fr. Theodore Barbas, Taxiarchae Church - Watertown, MA Mr. William C. Kallinikos - St. Paul Cathedral - Hempstead, NY Moderator - Rev. Fr. James Kordaris, Director - Archdiocese D

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