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Strategies for Successful Relationships

All humans live in some relationship that is personal, deep, and a potentially beautiful experience. But it can also be a complex, troublesome and painful coexistence when two people feel dissatisfied with the way they relate to each other. There are individuals who are unhappy with themselves, and they bring that unhappiness into their relationships. Unresolved issues of their past-some originating with their families of origin, cultural, political, religious upbringing-unmet needs of the present, or harbored anger could cause a gradual deterioration and eventual death to their relationship. The purpose of this session is to offer choices and strategies for healthier relationships. The participants will be able to identify issues that hurt their interaction with others. Handouts and material will be available which the participants can use either for themselves or for sharing with community leaders for a possible parish project.

Presenter Dr. Peter M. Kalellis, Director and Founder - Human Growth Center - Westfield, NJ

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