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The 11 Resurrectional Matins (Eothina) Exapostilaria, Theotokia and Doxastica

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Exapostilarion of the 7th Gospel


hen Mary Magdalene had said * that the Lord had been taken, * to the tomb Simon Peter ran * as did the other mystic of Christ, who was the be­loved. * Both of them ran together * and found the linen cloths inside * by them­selves lying, and also not with these * was the napkin from His head lying rolled up. * And therefore they went back in peace * until they saw the Lord Christ. listen.gif



reat and extraordinary things * for me have You accomplished, * O my Christ, very merciful. * For inexplicably You were born of a virgin damsel, * and the Cross You accepted, * and death You en­dured, O Savior, * and You arose in glory after three days, * and from death You lib­erated our nature. * O Christ, to Your glory, glory be. * Glory be to Your power. listen.gif

Glory. Grave Mode.


ehold, it is early and still dark. And why are you, O Mary, standing out­side the tomb with much darkness cover­ing your mind, such that you inquire where Jesus has been laid? But look at the disciples who together run, and how they came to understand the resurrection from the linen cloths and the napkin, and they remembered the scripture concerning this. And we have believed with them and through them, and we sing in praise of Christ the Giver of life. listen.gif