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The 11 Resurrectional Matins (Eothina) Exapostilaria, Theotokia and Doxastica

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Exapostilarion of the 6th Gospel


emonstrating that You are man * essentially, O Savior, * after Your ris­ing from the grave, * in the midst You did stand and partake of food, and You taught them * baptism of repentance. * You, be­ing forthwith taken up * to the heavenly Father, promised to send * the Paraclete Spirit to Your disciples. * O God, beyond divine, and man, * glory to Your arising. listen.gif



he Maker of creation all * and the God of the whole world * took human flesh from your most pure * and immacu­late blood, O all-holy Mary and Virgin. * And our entire nature * that was corrupted He made new, * leaving you after child­birth again as you * had been before childbirth. Hence we extol you * and cry out faithfully: Rejoice, * O Lady of the whole world. listen.gif

Glory. Mode Pl. II.


Christ, You are truly the peace of God that is given to men. You gave Your disciples peace after Your resurrec­tion from the dead. But it frightened them, for they thought that they were seeing a ghost. But You quieted the agitation of their souls by showing Your hands and Your feet. But they still did not believe. So by eating the food and repeating the teaching, You opened their minds to un­derstand the Scriptures. Then You an­nounced to them the promise of the Father, and after blessing them, You de­parted for heaven. And therefore with them we worship You. Glory to You, O Lord. listen.gif