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The 11 Resurrectional Matins (Eothina) Exapostilaria, Theotokia and Doxastica

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Exapostilarion of the 5th Gospel


hen Christ who is the life and way * had from the dead arisen, * He went with Luke and Cleopas, * who dining rec­ognized Him * breaking the bread in Emmaus, * whose souls and hearts within them * were burning while He talked to them * on the road and interpreted unto them * in the scriptures all the things He had suffered. * With them cry out that He arose * and has appeared to Peter. listen.gif



hymn Your inexhaustible * mercy, O my Creator. * For You emptied your­self, O Lord, * to wear and save the nature * of mortals which had been injured. * And though God, You accepted * to be­come like me and be born * from the pure Maid who bore God, and to descend * unto Hades, wishing that I be saved thus, * O Master all-compassionate, * through the prayers of Your Mother. listen.gif

Glory. Mode Pl. I.


h how wise are Your judgements, O Christ! How was it that to Peter You granted to understand Your resurrection by the grave clothes alone? But to Luke and to Cleopas You spoke as You walked with them together, and though You spoke You did not immediately reveal yourself. For which cause You were upbraided as the only one visiting Jerusalem who had no knowledge of the things that had happened of late therein. But, O Master, as You ar­range all things for the benefit of Your creature, You interpreted for them the prophesies concerning You, and when You blessed the bread they recognized You. Even before this, as a token that it was You, did their hearts burn within. Then to the dis­ciples gathered together, now as not before they clearly proclaimed Your resurrection; through which have mercy on us. listen.gif