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The 11 Resurrectional Matins (Eothina) Exapostilaria, Theotokia and Doxastica

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Exapostilarion of the 3rd Gospel


et no one doubt and disbelieve * that Christ was resurrected. * For unto Mary He appeared; * Afterwards by those walking * in the field was He seen clearly. * To the eleven Mystics * reclining, He appeared again. * When He sent them to baptize, He did ascend * into heaven from which He had descended, * and with abundant miracles * He did confirm their preaching. listen.gif



Sun that did arise today * as a Groom from his chamber * from the all-holy sepulcher, * after plundering Hades, * and making death ineffective: * heeding the intercessions * of her who bore You, send out light * unto us, light illumining hearts and souls, * light that leads all people who lay in darkness * to walk in Your commandments’ paths * and in the ways of peace. listen.gif

Glory. Mode III.


hen Mary Magdalene had announced the good tidings of the resurrection from the dead of the Savior and His appearing, and the disciples did not believe, they were upbraided for their hardness of heart. But when they were fully equipped with signs and miracles, they were sent out with the commission to preach. And whereas You, O Lord, were taken up unto Your Father, the Source of Light, they preached the word of the Gospel everywhere, the miracles confirming them. And therefore we who through them have been illumined glorify Your resurrection from the dead, O Lord who love mankind. listen.gif