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The 11 Resurrectional Matins (Eothina) Exapostilaria, Theotokia and Doxastica

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Exapostilarion of the 11th Gospel


o you love me?" the Lord inquired * three times of Peter after * the divine rising from the dead. * Whereupon He appoints him * as chief shepherd of His own sheep. * Who, seeing the disciple * whom Jesus loved to follow them, * questioned the Master, "Lord, what about him?" * And He said, "If it is my will that this one * remain until I come again, * what's it to you, friend Peter?" listen.gif



h what an awesome mystery! * Oh paradoxal wonder! * O Logos, for by death is death * wholly obliterated. * And therefore who will not glorify, * who will not rightly worship * Your crucifixion, burial, * and third-day Resurrection, and also her * who as Theotokos did purely bear You. * From Gehenna redeem us all, * hearing her intercessions.

Glory. Mode Pl. IV.


hen You revealed yourself to Your disciples, O Lord, after Your resur­rection, You appointed Simon to pasture Your sheep, as requital for loving You, asking him to take care to shepherd them. And that is why You said: “If you love me, Peter, be a shepherd of my lambs, be a shepherd of my sheep.” And he, imme­diately displaying his own kindred affec­tion, inquired about the other disciple. By their entreaties, O Christ our Savior, pro­tect Your flock and guard it from wolves that would injure it. listen.gif