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Teen Violence: Fight the Good Fight

ViolenceThe Orthodox Christian Teen Video Series addresses issues that young people are facing daily. Teen Violence: Fight the Good Fight is the third video to be released in this series. The video comes with a resource book that has information about teen violence as well as sessions to use with young people.

Sexual Purity and Healthy Relationships

SexualThe Archdiocese Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries is pleased to announce the release of the second installment of the Orthodox Teen Video Series. This video, Sexual Purity: Purity of Mind, Body, and Soul addresses the topic of teen sexuality from an Orthodox perspective. In an increasingly promiscuous society this video, along with the accompanying resource manual, serves as an invaluable tool that will help our Orthodox young people deal with this difficult subject.

Substance Abuse: Our Kids Are Not Immune

SubstanceSubstance Abuse: Our Kids Are Not Immune is the most current youth ministry resource which approaches the issue of drug and alcohol abuse from an Orthodox perspective. Loaded with Scriptural, Patristic and contemporary references, this video identifies some of the dangers inherent to drug use, while at the same time promoting a healthy, Christian lifestyle.

Order Information

The Teen Video Series DVD and Resource Guides are available for order at the Orthodox Marketplace.

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