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Youth Worker Essentials

These resources are designed to educate youth workers about youth ministry fundamentals, instructions for starting and sustaining a ministry, and a compilation of essential youth ministry links and recommended reading.

Building a Youth Ministry Schedule
Building a youth ministry calendar involved more than just throwing a couple of events together. Youth workers have an opportunity to truly help youth transform and connect them to the Body of Christ. Here are some ideas for creating a transformative and exciting youth ministry experience. See more...

Building a Youth Session
Most every youth worker fears it… creating a youth discussion or session. It seems like a task that only a priest or an educator can handle. However, with a little help, youth workers can create a quick and meaningful session. See more...

Planning a Youth Worker Training
Want to plan a Youth Worker Training at your parish, but don't know where to start? Youth workers are more than just volunteers who agree to supervise children. Youth workers faithfully commit to teaching young people about the Orthodox Christian faith, through fellowship, service, worship, and witness. Successful youth workers must always keep up-to-date on the latest trends, issues, and topics facing young people AND the Church. See more...

Ministry Guidelines
The Ministry Guidelines are available for HOPE, JOY, GOYA, and Young Adult Ministry. The guidelines include information about starting and sustaining a ministry, useful tips for clergy and advisors, as well as other invaluable information that will assist your parish programming. Click below to download!





Hard copies of the Ministry Guidelines are also available for order from the Department of Religious Education at 800--566-1088 or Orthodox Marketplace.

Essential Youth Ministry Links
We have compiled a "best of" list of both Orthodox and non-Orthodox youth ministry links across the web. See more...

Recommended Youth Ministry Reading List
Looking for more? Check out our list of books about the "fundamentals" of youth and young adult ministry. Our lists are always growing, so feel free to send along your favorite books and websites! See more...

Clergy Laity Resources
Download presentations, handouts, and view the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries Clergy Laity reports. See more...


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