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Ministry Profile: Seattle, WA

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Name of the group: Seattle YAL at St. Demetrios Church, Seattle, WA

Demographics (age range,single,married,etc):
18 to 35 but most participants are 18 – 25,  and most participants are single.

Our mission is to promote the four keys of YAL; worship, witness, service and fellowship

When and how often do you meet: Varies throughout the year.  There are weekly gatherings during our sporting activities.  We try to have an event every month.  Our 2010 calendar consists of Jan – Winter Retreat at All Saints Camp, Feb – FDF, March – Trivia Nights, April – Community Pascha Picnic, May/June – YAL Kickball Team “Kolokotronis’ Mustache”, August – BBQ  at a park, Sept – Destination Unknown Retreat, Oct – Top Chef competition & Feed the Homeless, Nov – Bowling League, Dec – Christmas Party.  Fr. Photios also holds Bible Study classes that some YAL members participate in, but it is open to the community and not a YAL specific event.

What factor(s) has led to your group's success?: Offering a variety of activities.  Listening to what people would like to do.  Being flexible and patient.

Is there a leadership team or structure? Please Explain. The Youth Ministry Director of St. Demetrios, Lefteris Sitaras, is the main contact/ organizer. Committees are formed to help coordinate our yearly Christmas Party and Retreats.  We also discuss our yearly calendar at our winter retreat.  Most young adults are interested in helping to organize an event, but don’t want to be “in charge.”

How do you advertise/keep in contact with the group? Do you have a website/Facebook group? Main communication tool is our Seattle YAL Facebook page.  Emails are also sent out regarding special events.  Word of mouth also connects members who do not participate often.  Information is also included in our church website (, bulletin and weekly e-news email to the parish.

Does a clergyman participate in your gatherings? Only at Retreats and Bible Study.