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Heaven on Earth: The Divine Liturgy

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Heaven on Earth: The Divine Liturgy (zine cover)Heaven on Earth: The Divine Liturgy (guide cover)Heaven and earth meet in the Church through the Divine Liturgy. The newest full-color zine from the Department of Religious Education begins with a brief history of worship in the Orthodox Church and then details each section of the Divine Liturgy.

Special features include a "visual dictionary" of liturgical items, a look at Church architecture, and an exploration of the Creed's scriptural foundations. Develop active understanding and engagement with prayers, hymns, readings and the Eucharist by combining the student text with the comprehensive unit in the Teacher Guide.

Suitable for ages 10 and up - for use in the classroom, during retreats or at home.

Heaven on Earth Student Zine (M09)
22 pgs  Qty 1-74  $3.95 each / 75+ $2.95 each

Heaven on Earth Teacher Guide (M10)
1 unit with 6 lesson plans   $9.95 each
Learning Objectives

Three ways to order:

  1. Call (800) 566-1088
  2. Fax an order form to (617) 850-1489
  3. E-mail an order form to
    First, download a fillable order form. Save the order form to your computer. Fill it out, save it again, and then send it as an e-mail attchment to