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Religious Education Basics & Planning

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Religious Education Basics imageArticles

These brief, printable articles from PRAXIS magazine cover key educational concepts that we hope will help religious educators—both experienced and new—confidently hand forward the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Excellent for teacher orientation meetings or sharing with parents, and convenient for adding to monthly e-mails, linking in social media, and inserting in newsletters.

· new Teaching Orthodox Christianity Today
· new Ortho-Paideia (by Georget Photos)
· new Forming Orthodox Christians, Sunday-morning Style
· Why Educate in the Church at All?
Why Sunday Church School?
· Live the Liturgy. Teach the Liturgy.
Does the Archdiocese Have a Curriculum?

What Your Child Should Know: The Goals and
Objectives of Education in the Orthodox Church
· Planning Your Lessons
· Book Reviews: Special Needs & Disabilities Handbooks
· Appealing to Every Type of Learner (by Stephanie Mardigian)

Guiding Learners to Using Higher-order
Thinking Skills
(by Stephanie Mardigian)
· Know. Believe. Do. Curriculum and Learning Objectives


Achievement and Incentives (by Basil Xeros
and Elizabeth Borch)
· Teacher Self-Evaluation (by Phyllis Onest)
· Summer: A Time to Grow, a Time to Plan

Planning Tools

Save these files to your computer so that you will be able to save your work:

· 2015–2016 Monthly Calendar with Feast Days & Fasts
· Event Planning Calendar Worksheet
· Fall 2015 Curriculum Planning Worksheet
· Spring 2016 Curriculum Planning Worksheet
· Lesson Plan Worksheet
· Textbook Planning Worksheet


Save these files to your computer so that you will be able to save your work:

· Teacher Information Spreadsheet

In addition to contact information, this year we’re also requesting some additional survey-type information to help us better know our teachers’ backgrounds. Please e-mail this spreadsheet to when you have completed it.

We use this data for planning and to send out our annual catalog, seasonal flyers, e-mail newsletter and announcements of new releases. We send about one e-mail per month and five flyers per year. We do not share personal information with any third parties.


Student Roster Spreadsheet

(Please do not e-mail this to the DRE.)