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Bibliography & Resources for Enter In

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Bibliography & Resources for Enter In: Exploring the Feasts of the Church

This is a list of suggested resources for Enter In: Exploring the Feasts of the Church, a production of the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Many of these resources are available through the department. You can order them by calling 800-566-1088.

Orthodox Worship

The Festal Menaion
Mother Mary, Kallistos Ware (translators)
This is a translation into English of the hymns and rubrics of the feasts of the Orthodox church.

The Annual Resource Companion: The Liturgical Year (Vol. 1)
Contains 35 educational articles concerning liturgical theology, prayer, worship and liturgical instruction (available exclusively through the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Religious Education)

The Living God
This 2-volume set is a new holistic approach to catechism incorporating scripture, theology, iconography, hymnography, feasts, and liturgy. The volumes integrated the major feasts of the liturgical year with an overview of the history of salvation.

The Orthodox Faith Series Volume II: Worship
Rev. Dr. Thomas Hopko
A 200-page book explaining the basic cycles and services of worship in the Orthodox Church.
Our Worship: A Popular Presentation of Orthodox Christianity
A clearly written, illustrated, concise introductory exposition of the basics of Orthodox worship written for inquirers, new members, young adults, and study groups. Includes information on the Liturgy, Vespers, Matins, the Hours, the Holy Mysteries, and more.

About the Feasts

Orthodox Feasts of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary
Hugh Wybrew
Introduces Western Christians to the doctrinal richness of Orthodox liturgical celebrations of the feasts of the Incarnation. An opening section gives a concise account of the development of the liturgical calendar and the origins of these feasts in the Orthodox Church. Each day’s material is introduced by a short account of its thematic sources and is accompanied by a brief spiritual and theological commentary.

The Year of Grace of the Lord
A Monk of the Eastern Church
The aim of this work is to help the faithful to know the calendar of the liturgical life of the Church, and to understand its inner meaning. This book journeys through the liturgical life from the Nativity of the Theotokos to after Pentecost.


The Educating Icon: Teaching Wisdom and Holiness in the Orthodox Way
Anton Vrame
Orthodox religious education explained through art, theology, and the liturgical and devotional use of icons of the Church. This insightful book explores the role of the icon in transforming the attentive viewer into the likeness of God—and, by extension, how a community may be transformed into an earthly manifestation of the kingdom of heaven.

The Story of Icons
Mary Paloumpis Hallick
An excellent introduction to the meaning of icons in the Church and the part they play in worship. Explains the origin of icons, from the catacombs to the  iconoclastic conflict and the triumph of the icons that ended in the Sunday of Orthodoxy and why icons are painted as they are. They second half of the book is devoted to the icons for the feasts days of Christ and the Virgin Mary, teaching how to “read” the icons for the story that each tells.


Celebration: Feasts and Holy Days
Robert Snyder and Joan Teebagy
A new approach to studying the feasts and celebrations of the Orthodox Church. Excellent for high school students, adults, and converts, it follows the Church year and is designed to instruct individuals about the liturgical calendar. With over 40 interactive lessons that can be combined or taught separately. Celebration is a complete and informative program of instruction.

A Year of the Lord: Liturgical Bible Studies
Theodore Stylianopoulos
This series combines the witness of the Bible and Orthodox Worship. The biblical readings prescribed for the Orthodox liturgical year are meaningfully related to the major holy days and various seasons in the Church calendar. Intended for adults and young adults, this series of Bible Studies may be used effectively for religious education and spiritual renewal both in group study as well as private meditation. (Series of five books)

Seasons of Grace: Reflections on the Church Year
Donna Farley
This collection of short yet thoughtful reflections, written in an insightful and sometimes humorous style, will help weave together the great feasts in to the fabric of our lives.

Audio Recordings

Celebrate the Feasts
Gigi Shadid
The CD is a collection of 11 original tunes from American Orthodoxy’s favorite female folk singer, plus 16 more tracks of Gigi and friends singing various festal hymns of the Church. Take a listen and you will agree that “Celebrate the Feasts” exceeds all expectations. In English, with some hymns in Greek and Arabic.
Praise the Lord Through the Church Year
Hosanna, a Girl's Choir from Topeka, Kansas
Includes thirty-one festal hymns from throughout the liturgical year of the Orthodox Church. Predominantly Byzantine settings.

Cycles of Grace: Hymns from the Great Feasts
Fr. Apostolos Hill
This is a "first ever" recording of the hymn cycle of the Great Feasts, offering a cross section of contemporary and traditional Byzantine Chant arrangements, and presented in an accessible English chant. The 2 CD set includes a 26 page liner notebook with an overview of the Great Feasts, complete hymn texts and thoughts from the Artist.