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Printable Curriculum Materials & Worksheets

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Our first grade book will soon be out of stock, so we are making it available here for free download until further reprints.110_Me_and_my_World.png

First Grade: Me and My World Teacher Guide (entire book in one file)

The focus of this program is on Creation as God’s gift. In discovering the world, the child understands that the family, friends, church school—all come from God. Through depictions of the daily experiences of God’s world, the child comes to realize that God is real, loving, and caring.


Several of our older books are no longer available in print but are also available here for free download.

Come Receive the Light Vol 1

These sixteen studies provide young people with an honest, direct approach to the challenges confronting all Christians. Topics such as the nature of Christ, the Cross, Bible Study, prayer, discipleship and the Church are related to appropriate scriptural passages, all of which are made relevant to our daily lives.

BIB421_ComeReceiveLight_studies_2_IMAGE.pngCome Receive the Light Vol 2

Sixteen more studies exploring practical aspects of the Christian adventure: How to Worship, How to Know God's Will, Enjoy God's Gifts and more. The studies lead young people to know how to deal with such difficulties as evil, personal conflicts, non-Christians religious, predjudices and death.

Creed_Teacher_image.pngThe Creed Teacher Guide

Basic Teachings of the Greek Orthodox Church

This discussion of the Nicene Creed—the foundation of
our Faith—begins with a review of Christianity, the Church
and Tradition. It offers a definition and an explanation
of the Creed.

The student workbook to accompany teacher guide is available for purchase through the Department of Religious Education: Item 1101  $10.00  (22 Lessons)


901_WKSHTS_Rejoicing_in_One_Lord_grade_9.pngRejoicing in One Lord, Jesus Christ
CANA Curriculum Student Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to accompany the Rejoicing in One, Lord Jesus Christ, Cana Curriculum Teacher Guide, which is available for purchase through the Department of Religious Education: Item 901  $17.95

The CANA curriculum engages teenagers by showing them how Orthodoxy is applicable to their lives through a variety of pertinent, contemporary issues. Unit 1 contains 12 comprehensive lessons for the teacher outlined in a  step-by-step process of how to prepare, present and evaluate each lesson. Free, printable student sheets are available below. Each lesson may be taught during one class period or over a several week period.