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Raising Funds for Capital Improvement Projects

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Describes the capital campaign assistance offered by the Office of Parish Development.


Example Statement of Need
Campaign Theme Ideas
$2M Gift Range Chart

Click on the above YouTube video for an overview of the capital campaign process and how the Office of Parish Development can assist your parish through this process.

A capital campaign—a fundraising effort to pay for major new developments, such as new church buildings, expanded community centers, etc.—certainly presents new challenges for any parish. A fundraising campaign can benefit in many ways by using outside, expert fundraising assistance. The Office of Parish Development can create and implement a strategy for your parish including several key steps, such as:

  • Conducting a planning study, which projects fundraising potential and identifies potential opportunities and challenges for the project to come. A planning study provides this feedback as it identifies the right steps to take to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Assisting with the planning for a future campaign.

  • Coaching and guiding the capital campaign, especially through its important first few months.

  • Helping to determine how best to carry the campaign to a successful, God-pleasing conclusion.