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Bulletin Inserts: I’ve been away from Church for awhile. Should I receive Holy Communion?

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We are pleased that you are with us for Family Outreach Sunday and hope that you will come back to worship and fellowship with us regularly.

Is today a good day for you to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion?

It is only by the Grace of God that anyone is worthy to receive Holy Communion, but it is important to remember that sacraments in the Orthodox Church are only for those who are in good standing with the Church. This does not refer to fulfilling any financial obligation, but rather to your spiritual good standing, because as Orthodox Christians, we approach the sacraments with a sense of awe and respect.

You may want to ask yourself…

  • Were you married somewhere other than the Orthodox Church?
  • Have you received a sacrament or served as a sponsor in a sacrament in a church other than the Orthodox Church?
  • Is there some aspect of your current lifestyle that would require
    you to seek Holy Confession before receiving Holy Communion?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it would be best for you to speak to Fr. ____________ before approaching the chalice. Please see him after church or call ______________ for an appointment.

(You may cut and paste the information above into your Weekly Bulletin as an insert.)

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