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Department of Outreach and Evangelism Brochures

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Brochures & Cards

These informational pieces offer background and guidance on specific local and national ministries with a focus on Outreach & Evangelism.


RENEWING OUR FAITH & OUR PARISH - This series contains educational brochures by prominent Orthodox Christian clergy, designed to renew the faith of active Orthodox Christians, reach out to inactive Orthodox, and to share the Truth of Orthodoxy with those inquiring about the faith.

Interfaith Marriage - In our increasingly pluralistic society, the majority of marriages throughout the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America have brought together Orthodox and non-Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox Church sincerely respects other faith traditions and at the same time seeks to protect her own theological integrity. As studies have revealed a lack of awareness of the Orthodox Church’s rules as they pertain to the sacrament of marriage, the following pastoral guidelines are offered for Greek Orthodox priests and for couples who are considering intermarriage or are presently intermarried. These guidelines flow out of a theological understanding of the sacrament of marriage and the desire to assist couples in their efforts to cultivate an Orthodox Christian environment in their homes.

The Parish Council is a Ministry - A spiritual approach to parish council membership written by a Greek Orthodox Priest and former PC president

Mission USA! – Outlines the Home Mission Parish Program of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Guidelines for Respectful Worship – Offering parishioners and Parish Council members an outline of proper and respectful Orthodox worship. This brochure is offered in two styles. Please select the one that is right for you.

Our Lenten Journey – Preparing for the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord

Welcome to Our Church

Missions in the Local Parish: The Universe is Our Parish - Outlines the importance of a missionary outlook in the local parish. (This brochure can also be used on Mission Sunday.)
by Father Luke Veronis

Brochures are available in electronic PDF format