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The married are to be admonished to bear with mutual patience the things in which they sometimes displease each other, and to assist each other to salvation by mutual encouragement. – St. Gregory the Great

The following links provide additional information related to the subject of marriage and intermarriage. It is important to note here that even though I’ve chosen to list these links in this section, in no way am I endorsing all the information on these Web sites.

Should you know of other useful links, or would like me to consider linking your work to this section, please e-mail me at

In XC,
Fr. Charles Joanides, Ph.D., LMFT

Family As Church
The Department of Family Ministry has been established to focusing on the needs of the family.

Orthodox Logos Foundation

Orthodox Logos Foundation is an online non-commercial bookstore having as its mission to provide a full spectrum of Orthodox Christian materials in four languages, namely in English, French, Dutch and Russian. The bookstore began its operations in 2005. For more information visit their Web site at

Web sites Related to Interchurch, Inter-Christian Concerns
Interchurch, inter-Christian couples may find this site useful. Among other things, the site affords individuals the opportunity to become part of a global community of couples who dialogue about the challenges they encounter as individuals couples and families.
Couples who have a Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox faith background will find this site helpful. It provides couples information about marriage from a Roman Catholic perspective, and permits them the option of e-mailing their questions to a Catholic priest.

This site has a great deal of information related to inter-Christian marriage. This site should prove especially helpful to couples where one partner is Roman Catholic and the other is Greek Orthodox.

Web sites Related to Interreligious Concerns

These sites offer information to couples from different religious backgrounds. Some examples of interreligious couples who might profit from these sites are as follows: (1) when one partner is an Orthodox Christian and the other is Jewish, and (2) when one partner is an Orthodox Christian and the other partner is Muslim.

Web sites Related to General Marital and Family Concerns
This site provides a large amount of useful information about marriage. Individuals visiting this site can expect to find many useful resources, together with information related to cutting edge research and public policy.
This site seeks to promote marriage and family values. Individuals visiting this site can expect to find many useful resources, together with information related to cutting edge research and public policy.
This site is dedicated to facilitating Christian fellowship among professionals in medicine, psychology and religion. Individuals and couples seeking information about Orthodox professionals in their area might consider logging onto this site.

Those desiring to learn more about the issues undermining the institution of marriage in this country is encouraged to review this site's contents.
Contents within this link manage to summarize the struggles that are currently impacting the meaning of marriage in our society.  It is included in this section for two reasons.  First, it's contents outlines many of the fundamental concepts that are part and parcel of a Christian understanding.  Second, it described many of the challenges being debated in the public square related to the institution of marriage.
Zoe for Life's Mission Statement
Zoe for life is a non-profit, Christ centered organization with three major goals:
  1. To help women who need confidential emotional spiritual support during crisis pregnancies
  2. To assist Orthodox Christians seeking to adopt; and
  3. To provide an Orthodox Christian education for Pure Living and other resources.

Web sites for Conflicted Couples and Families
This is the home page for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Among other things, this site can be helpful if you desire to locate a marriage and family therapist is your area.
If you are currently having serious marital problems, this site may prove very useful. The information on this site may help you reclaim your marriage.  The mission of this site is to help marriages by linking couples with the most highly qualified therapists in the country. Right now it’s hard for couples to find a good therapist. Many therapists lack training and experience in marriage therapy, and some are lukewarm in supporting life-long commitment. This registry only accepts therapists with many years of training and experience in marriage and couples therapy. These therapists value marriage and life-long commitment, and are dedicated to helping marriages succeed if at all possible. 
Those recovering from a failed marriage should find this site useful. Among other resources, it lists seminars and support groups around the country that assist people in their efforts recover from separation and divorce.   

Premarital Preparation Information for Clergy and Lay Persons
Intercommunications Publishing, Inc. has produced materials which clergy might consider using to enhance the premarital preparation they presently use. What may be of special interest is that this company has created these materials with pastors’ needs in mind. If you are currently looking for some supplementary materials to enhance your work with engaged couples, I would recommend that you contact this company for further information. In particular, I would recommend you inquire about the following two profiles by either logging on to their Web site or calling 800-999-0680: (1) Premarital Inventory (PMI) for couples who have never been married, and (2) the Remarital Inventory (RMI) for couples who are remarrying.
Foccus Inc. has produced premarital and marriage enrichment materials for clergy and lay persons. In particular, the inventory entitled, Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study (FOCUS) is a good tool that clergy may consider using to enhance their work with engaged couples preparing to marry. For more information, you may either log on to their Web site or call the following number: 402-551-9003.

Web sites related to Dating Challenges

The name of this web site speaks for itself: How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk. This is an excellent site to obtain resources related to dating challenges that young adults encounter. The site provides some information about dating challenges, as well as an approach to healthy dating that will benefit young adults, parents, pastors, professionals and lay workers.

Department of Outreach & Evangelism

The Department of Outreach & Evangelism has been established to renew and share the Orthodox Christian Faith in America by nurturing a deeper commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ within His Church, by reaching out to inactive Orthodox Christians and to the unchurched, by meeting the needs of those inquiring about the Orthodox faith, and offering each community the tools for parish renewal and for the establishment of new parishes. For more information click here to visit the Department of Outreach & Evangelism Web site.

Marriage Friendly Therapists

Nearly all web registries require nothing more than a license and a statement that a therapist works with couples. This Web site regards marriage and couples therapy as a specialized form of practice that requires specialized training and ongoing experience. As a result, those who are listed on this Web site are highly trained, marriage friendly therapists who exceed the minimum training requirements that most Web sites require. If you are having marital problems, you might consider visiting this site in an effort to locate some appropriate professional help in your area. For more information visit their Web site at

Additional Links


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