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Premarital Preparation Information for Clergy and Lay Persons

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There are a number of excellent materials that clergy and lay persons can utilize in their efforts to prepare couples to marry. Because I am personally familiar with the products that the two companies listed below market, I’ve chosen to list them on this site. Clergy, lay persons and couples desiring more information about these products are encouraged to contact these companies directly. If you should have other related questions or needs regarding premarital preparation materials, Father Charles may be of some additional assistance. Intercommunications Publishing, Inc. has produced materials which clergy might consider using to enhance the premarital preparation they presently use. What may be of special interest is that this company has created these materials with pastors’ needs in mind. If you are currently looking for some supplementary materials to enhance your work with engaged couples, I would recommend that you contact this company for further information. In particular, I would recommend you inquire about the following two profiles by either logging on to their Web site or calling 800-999-0680: (1) Premarital Inventory (PMI) for couples who have never been married, and (2) the Remarital Inventory (RMI) for couples who are remarrying. Foccus Inc. has produced premarital and marriage enrichment materials for clergy and lay persons. In particular, the inventory entitled, Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study (FOCUS) is a good tool that clergy may consider using to enhance their work with engaged couples preparing to marry. For more information, you may either log on to their Web site or call the following number: 402-551-9003.


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