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Orthodox Who Marry Non-Christians

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Nearly 25% of our population is non-Christian. Demographers suggest this number will continue to grow. As a result, it is becoming increasing more likely that Orthodox Christians will meet, date and fall in love with a non-Christian.


  • Interreligious Marriage and the Orthodox Church
    Father Charles,
    My fiancé is Jewish and I am Greek Orthodox. We are of the understanding that we cannot be married in an Orthodox Church, because of her religion. I love this woman with all my heart, we’re soul mates to an extent. What should I do?
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  • When Orthodox Christians Marry Non-Christians
    Dear Father Charles,
    I have fallen in love with someone who isn’t Christian. He is Moslem. Recently I approached my priest to inquire about marriage, and he informed me that we cannot get married in the Orthodox Church. Can you help me understand why?
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  • The Touchy Issue of Conversion
    Over the past several months I’ve received a number of E-mails and calls related to the issue of conversion. So, I thought it was time to focus some additional attention on this potentially touchy issue.
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  • When Our Young Adult Children Marry Non-Christians: Parents' Perspectives
    The Orthodox Church discourages Orthodox Christians from marrying non-Christians, primarily because it maintains that such unions seriously impair its adherents’ efforts to live a Christ-centered existence.  In these instances, couples have the following choices:
  • Considering A Inter-religious Marriage:  A Self Evaluation Questionnaire
    Unresolved concerns and questions related to a couple's religious and cultural differences can seriously compromise marital satisfaction and family stability.  This is especially true when Greek Orthodox Christians marry non-Christians.
    A Self Evaluation Questionnaire

  • Consequences and Challenges When Orthodox Marry Non-Christians
  • I recently got engaged to a non-Christian man with a Moslem background, and I went to my priest to discuss marriage. He informed me that he could not perform a wedding for an Orthodox Christian and non-Christian. He also informed me that if I married my fiancée, I would lose my sacramental privileges….I was so upset by this news that I left without asking some other important questions. I was hoping you might be able to answer them. First, if I marry outside of the Greek Orthodox Church, how do I get back into good standing? Second, if I lose my sacramental privileges, can I baptize my future children in the Church? Third, I am a godparent and I am wondering how my decision to marry outside of the Church may affect my status as a godparent? Fourth, do you think my non-Christian partner will feel welcomed in my Church?
  • Strategies to Help Intermarried Couples Celebrate The Holidays
    Research indicates that the holiday season brings added challenges and stress into our lives.  Intermarried couples and their families, because of their different religious and cultural backgrounds, are especially at risk when the holidays come.  The purpose of this article is twofold:
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