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“Lord Crown them with glory and honor”
From the Sacrament of Marriage

  • If you’re dating a Greek Orthodox Christian, or you’re a Greek Orthodox Christian dating someone from a different cultural and faith tradition, you should find the following information interesting. Water Jars Christ
  • If you’re engaged to a Greek Orthodox Christian, or if you are a Greek Orthodox Christian engaged to someone from another cultural and faith background, the following information should prove helpful to you and your partner as you seek to prepare for marriage.
  • If you’re married, and your partner’s background is either Greek Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox, you should find the following section informative.
  • If you’re married, and you’re either from a non-Greek Orthodox background, or another cultural background, the following information should be instructive.
  • If you’re an intermarried couple who’s thinking about having children or a couple with children, the parenting information should prove useful to you and your partner.
  • Inter-Christian ChartsmIf your son or daughter is intermarried, this information should provide you with a new, fresh perspective of the unique challenges that intermarried couples and families face.
  • If you’re a priest, pastor, lay worker, lay leader, youth worker, couples’ therapist or a member of another helping profession who works with intermarried individuals or couples, you should find this information valuable.
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In Christ,
Rev. Fr. Charles Joanides, Ph.D., LMFT

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