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  • Intermarried Parenting:  One Couple, Different Ideas
    Fay T. Karapanagiotis, Ph.D.
    Parenting is an experience that crosses over ethenic and religious backgrounds, gender and class.  There are different styles, approaches adn perspectives that are used to guide couples through their journey as parents.
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  • Pan-Orthodox Consensus on Same-Sex Unions
  • NEW YORK - In light of recent events, the Greek Orthodox Archdioceses of America reminds the faithful of the very instructive statement issued already in 2003 by the Standing Conference of Canonical Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA), which was at the time the Pan-Orthodox representative body in the Americas.  The same statement, which follows, still stands today.
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  • Intermarriage Divorce Rates
  • One of the most commonly quoted facts about divorce states that just about half of all marriages in America end in divorce. "Half" of all marriages is a vague term; when actual statistics are consulted, some marriages have a far greater success rate then others.  Factors like the age of each spouse, income level, number of children and number of previous marriages all affect the divorce rate statistics.  While an interfaith, inter-race or inter-cultural marriage may have challenges, it will like be more impacted by the same  factors that affect all marriages.
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  • An Important Challenge for Greek Orthodox Christianity
    Mr. Peter Kehayes
    In open pluralistic societies, intermarriages tend to become the rule, not the exception as growing majorities intermarry with the result that the Greek Orthodox Church is at a critical juncture in deciding how best to address the challenge that touches the heart of so many families and at the same time is so critical to the religious community's well being and growth.  Among Greek Americans, the intermarriage rate is between 75 and 85%; with a projected attrition of adherents of greater than 60% over the next generation.
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