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Vestments and Other Church Objects

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vestments and Other Church Objects

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Question: "What’s will all the flashy expensive gold goblets, chains, silken robes that are part of the Orthodox worship services?"

Answer: Perspective is really important here. If the items in question that you’ve described have been humbly given to adorn God's house of worship and facilitate worship, then these items in question are more of a means to an end - the end being  adoration, respect, praise, worship and connection to our heavenly Father. Conversely, if they simply function as a grandiose tribute to a bygone era from which our faith tradition emerged which call attention to ourselves and our accomplishments, then they can be a form of idolatry which can impede our efforts to worship God. The Orthodox Church holds to a view that is closer to my initial statements. For more information and an additional perspective, I would encourage you to consult with a local Orthodox priest. An extended conversation that would permit you to ask other related questions might help you acquire more of an Orthodox perspective of what you’ve asked about.

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