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Frequently Asked Questions

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“But He knows the way that I take; when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold”  (Job 23:10).

Intermarried couples encounter a host of questions and concerns that single faith and single church couples do not encounter. This section of the Web site includes some of the more common questions that Fr. Charles has answered. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, E-mail Fr. Charles at or consult your parish priest.

Please also note that this section of the Web site will continue to expand as Fr. Charles has time to add to the existing FAQs. For further information related to the responses embedded within this section, E-mail Father Charles and/or consult your pastor.

Index of Topics

  1.  Baptism
  2.  Betrothal Service
  3.  Children
  4.  Conversion
  5.  Dating
  6.  Divorce
  7.  Double Marriage Services
  8.  Extended Family Challenges
  9.  Engagement Challenges
  10.  Good Standing
  11.  Honor Father and Mother
  12.  Icons
  13.  Intermarriage Challenges
  14.  Interreligious Marriage Questions
  15.  Interreligious Marriage and Children
  16.  Marriage
  17.  Marriage Challenges
  18.  Premarital Concerns
  19.  Sacrament of Marriage 
  20.  Spiritual Growth
  21.  Stepfamilies
  22.  Vestments and Other Church Objects
  23.  Wedding Crowns