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Testimonials: What others are saying

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Marriage Building Workshop Brochure
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Here’s a small sampling of what some participants have to say regarding their experiences.

My husband and I had been married for 6 years at the time we attended the workshop. Prior to marrying we spent 4 years as "just friends", 2 years dating, and 1 year engaged. With a collective 13 years together, and a variety of phases to our relationship, we thought we were pretty good at communicating. We still were able to take away from the workshop methods to better understand each other.

Every relationship, no matter how happy and satisfying, can be improved.

We attended this seminar along with friends and my brother and his wife. The skills we worked on helped us build on our own relationship, and by participating in it with some friends and family, helped us foster a new closeness with these people.

Especially moving were the smaller "break-out" sessions, where we shared, in a more intimate setting, our own personal experiences and thoughts.

I learned that my need to "win" the argument was not an effective way to "resolve the conflict". If I wasn't listening to and understanding what my husband was trying to tell me, my "win" was meaningless, as it did nothing but hurt the relationship.

If I am only hearing what my spouse is saying as I am running to the next chore, I may miss what he was trying to tell me. Sometimes I have to stop what I am doing and really listen.

A good relationship with my husband is the foundation of my life. I cannot ever be too busy to work at it. Every other aspect of my life (our children, our financial well-being, my health, my career) is improved or benefited when my relationship gets stronger.

Its okay to disagree, but it is better to do so after talking about it.

If I misunderstand what he said, because I was busy thinking up my next point while he was speaking, then I am not helping to resolve the problem I am perpetuating the argument.

Attending the workshop was the first time in a long while that we were able to spend an entire day together with the focus being on us, not the kids, work or other family obligations. It was a great way to spend the day.

I’m an educator who recently attended one of Fr. Charles’ workshops. I was pleasantly surprised at what I encountered. As a married person, I found the entire retreat very valuable. Fr. Charles was able to connect in a very effective manner with his listeners… I have no doubts that those who were present benefited greatly.

May God bless this kind of work, it’s so desperately needed,

In planning our wedding, we fought constantly about money. I was really concerned about the way we would handle arguments in the future, especially in front of our children.

Fr. Charles’ seminar taught us to identify destructive ways we argue, and how to get our point across in a loving and positive way. We are both much more confident about facing future disagreements and being good role models for our children. Our relationship has become much more peaceful, even when we disagree.


I’m a parish council member. I recently attended a marriage workshop given by Fr. Charles. I really didn’t want to go, but I felt sort of obligated because of my position…. Boy was I ever wrong about this event. I think it was a huge success. Fr. Charles was able to provide everyone with some new insights. It was a great day, and I’m glad I went. I’d recommend it to all married couples. It’s the kind of thing that relates to all kinds of different people.

Parish Council Member

Dear Fr. Charles,

It was truly a blessing to have you as our speaker this year at the Orthodox Symposium. From all accounts this day of teaching and reflection was a wonderful blessing to the more than 75 people in attendance. The work that you are doing throughout the Archdiocese in support of marriage and family is truly beneficial to the whole church.

With many thanks,

I’ve been a pastor for over thirty years. I’m very pleased I invited Fr. Charles to conduct one of his workshops…. A month has passed since Fr. Charles was with us and people are still talking about what they encountered. If you’re thinking about conducting a retreat at your parish, I strongly recommend you consult with Fr. Charles.

In Christ,
Fr. N.

Dear Father Charles, 

A belated thank you so much for sharing your presentation on relationships and conflict resolution with us at St. Luke’s. It was informative, germane, easily understood, and eminently presented.  After having the privilege of meeting you and listening to your presentation, I would say that anyone not taking advantage of your skills and knowledge are missing out on a great resource to our community.  Of course, we already know that from your interfaith marriage work. During this time of Great Lent, I will pray that your message reaches and helps those who need it most as it has helped me.

Workshop participant from St. Luke's Church in Broomall, PA

If you're interested in having Father Charles present either a workshop or a lecture on marriage or intermarriage, you may call him at 845-561-2556 or e-mail him at